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Ranking Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Ranking Quick Guide01/11/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Ranking Full Guide01/11/2016

Branding Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
zipFIBA 3x3 ENDORSED EVENT stamps20/01/2017
zipFIBA 3x3 Community Web Banners19/08/2015

Scoresheet Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet08/12/2016
TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet - SPANISH06/12/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet - CHINESE22/11/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet - FRENCH06/12/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet - ARABIC22/11/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Scoresheet - RUSSIAN24/11/2016

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