Competition Network

From the streets to the olympics

Road to World Tour

Pro Season and All Qualifiers

  • 10 World Tour
  • 9 Challengers
  • 8 Super Quests
  • 7 Quest Finals
Dusan Bulut wearing Serbia jersey

National Teams

World and Zone Cups

  • 9 World & Zone Cups (incl. U23)
  • 8 U23 Nations League
  • 7 U18 World & Zone Cups
  • 6 Other U23 Events

Simplified, there are three types of FIBA 3x3 endorsed events:

  • Pro circuit events: For city-based pro teams
  • National team events: For national teams of basketball federations.
  • Grassroots events (also known as 'endorsed' events): Open to all teams, all ages and all skill levels

All events operate under the same in-court rules and off-court regulations, creating an interconnected competition pyramid. A team might get together into a local recreational event, hit it off - both chemistry- and result-wise - and later find themselves competing as FIBA 3x3 professionals on the World Tour. A 3x3 national team coach may spot a basketball prospect from the World Tour and make a player’s dream to play for her/his country possible in a new and exciting way. Or basketball crazy people just want to do what’s most fun in basketball - just play.

Quick competition network glossary

Challengers – stand-alone events from which the best teams qualify to a pre-determined World Tour Masters.

Event levels – a coding, displayed with colors and numbered from 10 to 1, signaling the quality of competition

Quests – a multi-tournament qualification tour which ends in a Quest final, the best teams of which qualify to a pre-determined World Tour Masters.

Quest Final – the final tournament of a Quest, which sends the best teams to a World Tour Master.

Super-Quests – an international, stand-alone Quest of invitational nature following specific regulations and with the participation of at least teams from 3 different countries in the region and Challenger-like run-down and qualifying (in principle) 1 teams to WT Masters Main Draw and 1 team in WT Masters Qualifying Draw.

World Tour – a multi-stop tour for the crème de la crème.

World Tour Final – the final tournament of the World tour for the best 12 teams based on the World Tour standings

World Tour Masters – an individual tournament, each of which has a unique qualification path.

Regulation Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - 3x3 - Book 601/06/2020
pdfFIBA 3x3 National Team Handbook26/03/2020
pdfFIBA 3x3 Men's Pro Circuit Handbook20/01/2020
pdfFIBA 3x3 - Annex 1 to Men's Pro Circuit Handbook19/01/2020
pdfFIBA 3x3 Official Competitions Player Entry Form18/01/2020
TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Referee Handbook01/03/2020
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - General Provisions - Book 113/01/2020
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - Competitions - Book 212/01/2020
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - Players and Officials - Book 311/01/2020
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - Anti-doping - Book 410/01/2020
pdfFIBA Internal Regulations - Governing the Zones - Book 509/01/2020
pdfFIBA General Statutes 201931/12/2019