Event hosting

Winning the right to host a FIBA 3x3 event will deliver real benefits for the host country and cities on a sporting, financial, promotional and social level.

As well as creating economic impact through visitor spend and commercial rights allocations, the media reach of FIBA 3x3 events makes them valuable place branding and destination marketing tools.

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Some of the benefits for the event host, highlighted by case studies following FIBA 3x3 events, include:

Economic benefits:

Crowd showing 10 signs in dunk contest

Sporting benefits:

Social benefits:

Organisational Development benefits:

Event Hosting Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Pool of Referees01/03/2020
pdf2019 fiba 3x3 season report01/01/2020
TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Team Tour Set-up Guide21/02/2017
pdfFIBA 3x3 Player Tour Set-up Guide21/02/2017
pdfUtsunomiya Final 2019 - Post event report07/11/2020
pdfJeddah Masters 2019 - Post event Report24/10/2020
pdfLos Angeles Masters 2019 - Post event report28/09/2020
pdfMontreal Masters 2019 - Post event Report12/09/2020
pdfdebrecen Masters 2019 - Post event Report30/08/2020
pdfLausanne Masters 2019 - Post Event report22/08/2020
pdfSaskatoon Masters 2019 - Post Event Report25/07/2020
pdfMexico City 2019 - Post Event Report04/07/2020
pdfPrague Masters 2019 - Post Event Report03/08/2019
pdfChengdu 2019 - Post Event Report08/06/2019
pdfDoha 2019 - Post Event Report19/04/2019
pdfFIBA 3x3 Guide To Hosting Events01/01/2016