Team ranking

Updated on 18 Apr 2018
How it works
1Novi Sad 3,427,800
2Zemun 3,009,900
3Liman 2,950,200
4Piran 2,711,700
5Ljubljana 2,702,700
6Riga 2,540,400
7Kranj 2,155,200
8Belgrade 1,881,900
9Gdańsk Energa 3x3 1,639,660
10Vitez EcosRomari 1,535,940
11Saskatoon 1,420,200
12Amsterdam 1,414,200
13Ulaanbaatar 1,374,540
14Lausanne 1,292,900
15St Petersburg 1,237,660
16Humpolec BERNARD 1,228,800
17Sâo Paulo DC 1,139,110
18Split Statist 1,138,600
19Rio Preto Guarani 1,135,800
20LjubljanaEast 1,097,360
21Ralja Intglactic 1,006,080
22Nice 1,004,600
23Aachen Snipes 972,800
24Moscow Inanomo 971,980
25Warsaw 943,420
26Zagreb 939,300
27Novi Beograd Džakovi 939,100
28Ostrava 845,860
29Hamamatsu 840,360
30Bordeaux Ballistik 809,100
1Novi Sad AlWahda 3,427,800
2Zemun Master 3,009,300
3Liman 2,950,200
4Ljubljana 2,804,100
5Piran 2,711,700
6Riga 2,551,800
7Belgrade 1,942,800
8Kranj 1,828,200
9Krakow R8 Basket 1,639,660
10Lausanne 1,380,300
11Vitez EcosRomari 1,361,580
12Amsterdam PM Inox 1,351,800
13St Petersburg 1,348,800
14Ulaanbaatar 1,297,120
15Humpolec 1,284,000
16Saskatoon 1,242,900
17Sao Paulo DC 1,187,100
18Split 1,158,500
19Rio Preto Guarani 1,135,800
20Ljubljana East 1,097,360
21Monaco 1,025,520
22S.Mitrovica 1,007,300
23Zagreb 990,900
24Aachen 988,400
25Hamamatsu 977,900
26Khimki 961,920
27Warsaw 941,020
28Tokyo 936,040
29Ostrava 921,735
30Paris 890,700

How it works

The maths

The FIBA 3x3 Team Ranking is calculated by adding up the FIBA 3x3 Individual World Ranking points of the 3 highest ranked players from each team. It is calculated daily at 12h00 UTC. Only teams validated by FIBA (current or prior season) are included.

The role

The Team Ranking is used at the start of the season to determine which teams preferentially qualify directly to the professional circuit (FIBA 3x3 World Tour and 3x3 Challengers). The number of qualified teams and their allocation is defined by FIBA before the start of the season. Furthermore, the Team Ranking is used at the end of the season to determine the year-end bonus for the top ranked teams.


The blue tickmark next to the team name means the team data has been validated by FIBA for the current season. For questions, please contact

For more information, check out the Ranking Quick Guide and Full Guide here.