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Stat Center people in Tokyo Olympics

The official FIBA 3x3 statistics are collected based on the latest version of FIBA 3x3 Statistician’s Manual. Its scope has been optimized for the uniqueness of the 3x3 game and its competition system, by capturing the essential data with high quality and reasonable cost.

Andrej Bas in Olympics

In the FIBA 3x3 Official Competitions, the stats are collected from a remote statistics center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the help of:

The statistics center is operated by the official FIBA 3x3 partner company, Andrej Baš Stat Center. Currently, the center hosts more than 20 statisticians with extensive knowledge of 3x3 rules and manuals, as well as live experience from thousands of games. The stat center was also responsible for the statistics operations of 3x3 in the Tokyo Olympics, both operating games themselves and training Japanese statisticians.

For other competitions, such as pro leagues, the stat center can offer following services:

FIBA 3x3 stats collection requires:

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