Top players to watch at FIBA World Tour 3x3 Manama Masters 2023

13 Nov 2023

MANAMA (Bahrain) - The regular season of this crazy FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 is almost over, but there is still time for the top players on the planet to do something amazing.

And here are 10 of the best who are out to own the Manama Masters on November 16-17.

Dejan Majstorovic (Ub Hushian NE)

For top-ranked Ub Huishan NE (SRB) to end a frustrating drought on the World Tour, made even more difficult without superstar Strahinja Stojacic, they'll need this legend to once again transform into 'The Maestro'.

You surely know by now, but don't ever bet against one of the GOATs. Majstorovic hasn't lost a step and averages 5.7 ppg ,while playing the second most games out of anyone on this season's World Tour.

Oh, he also won the MVP at the Prague Masters.

Most importantly, he remains the heart and soul of this Serbian machine and 'The Maestro' might just be able to inspire his team to another memorable title.

Quincy Diggs (Vienna)

Vienna has gone on a surge at the backend of 2023. The main reason? You guessed it - Quincy Diggs, who claimed his first Masters MVP in Amsterdam.

This dude makes scoring look oh so easy, but he's sure not a ball hog. The American shares the ball and almost always makes the right play. He's the ultimate team player because all Diggs cares about is getting the dub.

And if Vienna's hot streak continues then Diggs might just go home with another MVP.

Dennis Donkor (Antwerp TOPdesk)

It's fitting that this dude's names start with D. Because Dennis Donkor might just be the defensive player of the year. He's certainly on the shortlist because few others can play lockdown D on the perimeter like this bad Belgian.

It's totally unfair that Donkor can also be a scoring machine whenever he so pleases. You'll see his two-way dominance in Manama.

Worthy de Jong (Amsterdam HiPRO)

Who has the highest average on the World Tour? Come on, that's way too easy. It's walking bucket Worthy de Jong who averages an absolutely insane 9.2 ppg.

What's even more incredible is that we don't have to put any games filter on that stat. He has a better average than absolutely everybody - even those who have played just a handful of games.

De Jong has played 31 games on the World Tour 2023 and is basically putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers every time he steps on the half-court.

This Dutch hoops legend deserves multiple MVPs but team success has eluded Amsterdam HiPRO (NED).

If their drought ends then you just know Worthy de Jong will collect the MVP having been on another heater.

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Stefan Milivojevic (Partizan)

Partizan have gone up a level as a new powerhouse from Serbia rises.

And Partizan's success can largely be traced to the scoring explosion from Stefan Milivojevic, who almost averages 7 ppg in his debut season. This guy is absolutely lights out from deep, so opponents need to put him on a tight leash.

Memo to David Fincher, Stefan Milivojevic really should have been cast in The Killer because he's a certified hitman.

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Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

Height is no barrier to success. If you're short in stature and need some inspiration look to Gilles Martin, who makes dudes a foot taller than him look foolish.

This Swiss Master has more tricks than David Blaine and he is always inventing new ways to take your breath away.

Don't look away because Gilles Martin will no doubt do something trippy with the Wilson in Manama.

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Luis Cuascut (San Juan)

Let's get to a big fella and there might not be anymore more intimidating than San Juan's man in the middle.

Sorry LeBron and Giannis, no one can produce an emphatic chase down block quite like Luis Cuascut who loves flat out rejecting what otherwise would be automatic buckets.

The 25-year-old athletic marvel can add injury to insult for opponents by posterizing them because this dude loves playing above the rim as he'll show in Manama.

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Thibaut Vervoort (Futian)

We haven't seen the best of 'Must See TV' since he switched to Futian (CHN) as shown by his modest World Tour 2023 average of 4.4 ppg and he's been ice cold from deep.

But the season's not done and it's still time for a scene stealing performance from a dude who was trending No.1 not long ago as the best show on Netflix.

Thibaut Vervoort is ready to once again be the main attraction on the World Tour.

Henry Caruso (Princeton)

Talk about certified scorers and the name Henry Caruso flashes up. The new American sensation averages 6 ppg and he's just getting started.

It's quite fitting he plays for Princeton because Caruso is becoming something of a prince on the half-court. It feels like it's inevitable that the 28-year-old will take the crown and it might just happen sooner than you think.

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Vladimir Trakjovic (Hangzhou)

Do you remember Constanta? Of course you do. That's where you probably were introduced to this flat out assassin who powered Hangzhou to maybe the most incredible Masters triumph in living memory.

The 26-year-old had an incredible 41 points to win the MVP in just his second stop on the World Tour. He's out to show the world he's not just a one-hit wonder.

And believe us, Trakjovic is no fluke. He's the real deal as this spectacular Serb will prove in Manama.