Resilient Canada bounce back in gritty win against team USA

30 May 2023

VIENNA (Austria) -  In the anticipated battle between the North American countries, it was Canada that emerged victorious, coming away with a 13 - 16 win against team USA in the World Cup group stages.

It was no reprieve for the contending Canadians as they were taken to task early in the game with Linnae Harper and Cameron Brink bringing the heat on both sides. Team USA bulldozed ahead with an early 7-1 lead, only adding to the frustrations of the Canadian side that were on the bitter end of an upset to Czech Republic in the opener. 

 However, the winning DNA within this grizzled Canadian side showed out as they mounted a comeback, pulling the game in their favor. In no way a flashy showing by either side, it was pure grit that would decide that winner.

The Plouffe sisters connected for some magical plays while Kacie Bosch displayed her consistency offensively and on defense. With time ticking down, Canada took no prisoners, finishing team USA off with strength and composure. They gained a much-needed win after the difficult start to their 2023 World Cup campaign. 

Plenty of action to come in Day 1, plenty of statements to make as well.