Remembering Majstorovic's long love affair with FIBA 3x3 Prague Masters

3 Aug 2023

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - Legendary Dejan Majstorovic is the most decorated 3x3 player ever having been at the heart of arguably the two greatest teams on the World Tour - Novi Sad and Ub Huishan NE

'The Maestro' has had so many triumphs over his stellar career, but Prague remains one of his favorite destinations. 

As he steps on the half-court for the 10th edition of the FIBA 3x3 Prague Masters, Majstorovic feels no doubt right at home having absolutely dominated the beautiful Czech Republic capital throughout the years.

Let's look back at Majstorovic's four triumphs at one of his happy hunting grounds.


Majstorovic took to 3x3 like a duck to water and his career soared in 2014, which included victory in Prague for Novi Sad. 

Novi Sad's unstoppable line-up was taking shape with Majstorovic joining forces with showman Dusan Bulut, versatile Marko Savic and glue guy Marko Zdero, who is now the coach of Ub.

Majstorovic was a tour de force with 25 points in the event to finish fifth in scoring overall, including 8 points in the semi-finals against Ostrava.

It was a winning start for Majstorovic in Prague, but certainly not the last.



Novi Sad were back as champs in 2017 when they defeated rivals Ljubljana  21-11 in the final.

Showcasing his love for the big moment, Majstorovic ignited the final with his team's first 6 points en route to a game high 9 points.

The 'Maestro' was simply brilliant throughout Novi Sad's unbeaten campaign to finish second in player-value (32.7) and fourth in points (31). 



This was smack bang during Novi Sad's absolute peak when they ripped off a ridiculous 32-0 record in a season for the ages. 

They were the GOAT team - with Ub now presenting a better debate than MJ vs LeBron - and won everything in sight in 2018, including in Prague. 

This event is best remembered for Dusan Bulut pulling off an insane dime that was broadcast around the world, but Majstorovic also dazzled with 23 points, including a crazy 88% from one-pointers. 

Novi Sad had to go through qualifying, but it didn't matter as their all-time season continued in Prague.



For the first time, Majstorovic arrived in Prague wearing different colors. 

But it was a similar story of success with Majstorovic leading his new unstoppable team Ub Huishan NE to the title. 

It wasn't easy with Ub facing several tests, including against excitement machine Washington DC (USA) in the semi-finals.

But Majstorovic stepped up like he has on many occasions to almost single-handedly take down the Americans with a scoring exhibition, netting a game-high 10 points as Ub prevailed 21-17 in a thriller. 

Majstorovic had the shooter's roll all event to team up perfectly with MVP Strahinja Stojacic, finishing fourth in scoring with 30 points. 

Ub's tense win over compatriot Belgrade in the final saw Majstorovic claim his fourth title in Prague, but he's far from done.

Still playing at a ridiculously high level, Majstorovic is out to be the Prince of Prague yet again and you would be brave to bet against him making it number five this weekend.