Players to watch at FIBA 3x3 Hong Kong Masters 2023

22 Nov 2023

HONG KONG - The best players on the planet are pumped up to finish the regular season with a bang as the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 travels to Hong Kong on November 25-26.

Here are the players to watch.

Strahinja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)

Look out, the world's No.1 player is fresh and ready for the crown. This spectacular Serb deserved a well-earned break in Manama after not missing a beat all season.

Ub naturally struggled without their leading player, but the return of 'Doctor Strange' might just inspire them to their first title since August.

If they do that then you just know Stojacic has walked off with the MVP.

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Dennis Donkor (Antwerp TOPdesk)

Antwerp rebounded from sluggish form to finish runners-up in Manama, where Dennis Donkor reminded everyone that he isn't just a defensive menace.

He was lights out to stuff the stats sheet and prove that this brilliant Belgian might just be the best two-way player in the world.

This guy wants it more than anyone as he'll again show in Hong Kong.

Worthy de Jong (Amsterdam HiPRO)

Worthy de Jong might just have delivered the most ridiculous individual season in World Tour history.

He's averaging an insane 9.3 ppg from 34 games and 9 dunks a game - okay, that's not quite true, but sure feels like it!

Because de Jong has been a human highlight reel and posterizes any defender foolish enough to challenge him at the rim.

We can't wait to see if de Jong can finish a regular season for the ages with a title.

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Dulguun Enkhbat (Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy)

The Mongolian 3x3 legend will never forget 2023. He's won an Asia Cup for his country and also helped Ulaanbaatar become the first Mongolian team to taste success on the World Tour.

But Enhkbat is not content and hopes to bring more cheer for those diehard Mongolian fans. You just know he'll leave everything on the line. All while his perfect hair remains neatly in place.

Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

This speedy Swiss has led Lausanne to a strong second half of the season and he's been doing that while unleashing his tricks with the Wilson .

If you think he's locked down by a bigger defender then think again because Gilles Martin is a 3x3 Houdini. He can make jaws drop with the craziest moves you'll ever see.

Right now, we're sure, he's in the 3x3 lab somewhere inventing a new trick.

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Franck Seguela (Paris)

For anyone who may have still been skeptical, those doubts ended when this Frenchman tore up Wuxi to win the MVP.

He lit up the scoring charts in an incredible display to end France's title drought on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

Seguela is aiming to continue his red-hot form in Hong Kong and you would be brave to bet against him adding another MVP.

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Henry Caruso (Princeton)

This walking bucket has been lighting up the World Tour all season and averages 6 ppg - but you know he's just getting warmed up.

Not only can this guy throw down a nasty dunk, but Caruso has range that can extend to Victoria Harbour. If he cooks up a storm then he will cement himself as Princeton's new 3x3 superstar.

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Vladimir Trajkovic (Hangzhou)

Y'all remember Constanta, right? If you blinked then you missed Trajkovic's heat check where he led one of the most memorable triumphs against the odds when Hangzhou (CHN) created history to go all the way.

He's an assassin in the clutch and defenders need to guard him closely when the game is on the line. Otherwise Trajkovic is going to again lead Hangzhou to being the surprise package and possibly lift them into the Jeddah Final.

James Parrott (Omaha)

The newest superstar from the USA is James Parrott. You better get used to JP because he drips wet almost every time he's on the half-court.

He can score from every angle making him unguardable as he follows a long line of American 3x3 stars. Parrott has been one of the breakout stars of 2023 and he wants to complete his stunning season with a title.

Malik Hluchoweckyj (Jeddah)

Talk about a dude who can pull out all the tricks. This American can go to the rack faster than you can spell his name and you better get used to pronouncing it because he has superstardom written all over him.

If he helps Jeddah go on a giant-killing run then you just know Malik Hluchoweckyj did some crazy things with the Wilson.