10 reasons to watch the FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2023 in Vienna

27 May 2023

VIENNA (Austria) - It does not get any bigger. 40 teams, both men’s and women’s will take to the court in Vienna for a shot at glory. The World Cup is upon us, captivating us May 30 - June 4.

Here are (just) 10 reasons why you should tune in.

1. Best 3x3 talent on display

 When we say it doesn’t get any bigger, we mean it. It all leads to a week of the most exciting players putting on a show for the world.

The competitions in the lead-up to the World Cup have showcased just how exciting and unpredictable 3x3 can be. Every single player is capable of catching fire from deep, dishing some outrageous dimes, and even jamming it down with authority. It is quite literally, the best the sport has to offer.

Wondering why Strahinja Stojacic reigns over 3x3? Why Thibaut Vervoort is “Must-See TV”? What makes Sonja Greinacher just so darn good? Find out May 30. 


2. The Road to Paris

 With the 2024 Olympics in Paris looming large over the 3x3 world, there is no greater litmus test for countries than the World Cup.

It was Latvia on the men’s side and USA on the women’s side who took home the first-ever 3x3 Gold medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Both teams will be looking to book their ticket to Paris and what better way than to make a statement in Vienna.

 With medalists at the World Cup qualifying for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, the time is now to capitalize and put the key in the ignition on the road to Paris. 


 3. Summer in Vienna

 The town hall square, right in the heart of Vienna, will be the home for the World Cup in June.

The stunning Rathausplatz will throng with the sound and visuals of the beautiful game of 3x3 as onlookers will experience one of the greatest spectacles in basketball this year. Deemed as an ideal spot to showcase 3x3, all eyes will be on the World Cup in Vienna.

 There is also the matter of fervent support. With the roaring home support chanting all the way, the men’s and women’s Austrian sides will be no pushovers. The atmosphere is going to be electric, the action will be no less. 


 4. Who can stop Serbia?

 If you didn’t know, allow two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic to highlight. 3x3 is the lifeline for hoopers in Serbia. No wonder teams have a difficult, if not impossible time trying to figure out how to stop the lethal Serbian trio of Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Brankovic and Strahinja Stojacic. Now, just add Mihailo Vasic to the equation. 

 Having won 5 World titles, yes that is 5 of them things, and continuing to dominate at World Tours with Ub, the question that arises is obvious - Who can stop them?

With each competition, the parity only increases. With the unpredictable nature of 3x3 coupled with just how good teams like Netherlands, USA, Latvia to name a few are, Serbia have a tall task ahead.

Whichever way it goes, it is sure gonna be fun seeing Serbia versus the world. 


 5. Can France go back-to-back?

France were clinical in 2022. Led by Laetitia Guapo running the game on all fronts, there was no stopping them in Antwerp last year.

It might not be as simple this time with competition only growing stronger. There is Australia, who dominated the Asia Cup in March.  Few teams can stand in front of the Aussies when they’re on a roll.

There is Canada, who ruled over 3x3 in 2022. racking up wins in the Women’s Series and the AmeriCup, even taking France to the limit in the World Cup 2022 final, only to fall just short. And then, there is China. Good luck trying to contain them the way they have been thriving. Winning the first two stops of the Women’s Series this year, momentum is firmly on their side.

It is gonna be an all-out battle in Vienna with an impossible call on who gets to the throne.


 6. New Faces

 Every year, there is a new crop of fresh faces competing at the World Cup. This list of names this time is STACKED!

Jimmer-Mania is coming to Vienna! Announcing his intention to join the fast-paced world of 3x3 last year, it hasn’t taken Fredette long to get to winning ways, capturing the AmeriCup last year. With a strong side around him, Jimmer Fredette is gonna turn heads at the World Cup, fans and competitors alike.

Worthy De Jong is quite simply, the coolest hooper in town. The human highlight reel has been a sensation for Netherlands and Utrecht for a while, but for those who don’t know what to expect, tune into Vienna for some streetball magic at the highest level.

18-year-old Denzel Agyeman will be making his debut for Germany. Get ready for some high-flying action. 


 7. African hoops

 The World Cup in Vienna will be represented by African nations on both sides.

On the men’s side, it is Madagascar, who won the FIBA 3x3 Africa Cup 2022. They find themselves in a daunting group with Serbia, France, Germany and Brazil.

On the women’s side, Egypt will be looking to carry forward from the borderline fairytale showing they had at the Women’s Series in Astara, making it all the way to the finals before losing to China. Queen Soraya Mohamed will have her sights set on taking her side to the medal. 


 8. United in diversity

3x3 is global. All you need is a hoop, a ball and a passion for the game. It’s a language that is spoken around the world. With 6 continents represented in the World Cup, the same language of love for 3x3 will be heard in Vienna.

What’s more, it shows on the court. The culture, the perception of basketball, the little nuances and imperfections give life to each Nation and their way of playing the sport.

 To further speak on the same, both the men’s and women’s games will be played simultaneously, with both sides rooting for the other.

The aim will be common for each participating country, but you can’t help but feel like there is a sense of victory in watching the medley of styles and art, all on the court.

9. The dunk contest

There will be no break from the action. The thrilling action of the dunk contest will return in Vienna.

Now you might have seen your fair share of jams and slams, but the dunk contest is different, at the World Cup no less. The level of craziness just keeps rising each year with hoopers trying to one-up the history of it. The participants will go deep in their bags to get the W, make sure you stay glued in. 



It is everything 3x3 is about! The competition, the unpredictability, the history, a milestone in the lives of everyone who competes, it is special, there is nothing quite like the World Cup.  

 And we all get to be witnesses, May 30-June 4 in Vienna. Subscribe to youtube.com/FIBA3x3 to watch the event FOR FREE