10 players to watch at 3x3 Europe Cup Romania Qualifier

1 Jun 2022

CONSTANTA (Romania) - The 3x3 Europe Cup Qualifier is back in Constanta on June 4-5 and we bring you 10 players to keep your eyes on.


Alžběta Levínská - Czechia

It’s not the first time Alžběta Levínská comes to Romanian soil. Last season she was part of the Czechia U21 team in the Nations League circuit, where Levniska led her team to three victories in 3 days.

At the moment, at just 21 years old, Levinska is number 36 on the individual rankings of FIBA 3x3 and 12th place in the U23 ranking. She wants to lead her team to a new appearance at the Europe Cup, where the Czechs have not played since 2018.

Anna Pawłowska - Poland

Poland finished last year’s Women’s Series circuit in third place and Anna Pawłowska was 9th in the top scorers’ rankings.

She will come to Constanta for the second time, after the 5th stop in last year's Women's Series circuit, where Poland finished in 6th place, losing in the quarterfinals. However, the team finished with the highest average points per game, and with the best average "Shooting Value".

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Klaudia Papp - Hungary

Klaudia Papp was the 3x3 World Cup runner-up in 2017 and i2019. Last year, Hungary qualified for the Europe Cup, finishing the qualifying tournament in third place, here in Constanta. . With a different team this time, Papp will be one of the players to watch this edition, being the brain on her team with medal pedigree.

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Janeta Rozentale - Latvia

In the Latvian 3x3 basketball market, the men's category has received the most attention and rightfully so, they are the first ever Olympics Champions. However, the balance seems to be moving towards an equilibrium. Janeta Rozentale is ranked 53rd in the FIBA3x3 individual standings, thanks to last year's good run in the Nations League circuit, Rozentale represented Latvia’s senior women team for the first-time last year in the qualifying tournament for the Europe Cup. Now, after gaining some experience in the circuit, she might get used to the sea breeze and the sun's rays faster.

Sonia Ursu - Romania

The last time Sonia Ursu played in the qualifying tournament for the Europe Cup, Romania won the tournament. In the last two competitions of the Women's Series circuit when Sonia Ursu played, Romania finished on the podium. In her previous appearance in the Europe Cup, Romania finished on the 5th place. In 2016, she won the silver medal at the European Championship. She is definitely the player who makes the difference in the Romanian team.


Attila Demeter - Hungary

Demeter lives above the rim and is part of the select group of players you see in highlight reels every time he puts on the basketball jersey. Explosive, he makes you think he'll dunk every time he goes to the rim

Adrian Bogucki - Poland

At his debut in international senior competitions, Adrian Bogucki will certainly be noticed on the Constanta seafront, near the imposing Casino. At 2 meters and 15 centimeters, Bogucki does not evoke the most beautiful memories for Romanians, since he won gold last year in the Nations League final, defeating Romania. The tallest player in this tournament will be ready to take his team to the Europe Cup, where the Polish men's national team won the bronze last year.

Alex Llorca - Spain

Alex Llorca Castillo for the Europe Cup after the tournament in Constanta, in 2018. Ready to return with the same purpose, the Spaniard plays for the Girona 3x3, club owned by 2-time FIBA World Cup winner Marc Gasol. Just saying, his handles are so fast he will make you dizzy.

Cristi Mainea - Romania

Cristi Mainea is the MVP of the Nations League circuit last year and already one of the most dangerous players in Romania. Last year at the qualifier, he was the player who scored the most points for Romania, tied with his brother, Dani Mainea.

Rait Laane - Estonia

Laane led Estonia to qualification last year in Constanta, obtaining the last ticket to Paris. This year, however, the same mission, but with a higher degree of difficulty, as there are only three places available for men. He is the one with the unique passes, the one who cuts the defenses and puts his teammates in the best position on the court.