Lithuania dominate Europe 2 conference, earn spots in FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League Final

23 Aug 2021

BUCHAREST (Romania) - Lithuania had double delight at the FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League 2021 Europe Conference 2 with their men's and women's teams dominating the Bucharest stop to book spots at next month's decider.

Some of the best young talent in 3x3 have been on show across the continents in the fourth edition of this globe-trotting extravaganza. with the finale to be played in Bucharest again, this time on September 17-18.

Here are the final standings:

Lithuania: 560 pts
Latvia: 420 pts
Ukraine: 415 pts
Romania: 415 pts
Belarus: 310 pts
Greece: 175 pts
Estonia: 135 pts

Lithuania: 580 pts
Ukraine: 440 pts
Latvia: 430 pts
Belarus: 370 pts
Romania: 335 pts
Greece: 140 pts

Lithuania's men's were unstoppable during stops 4-6 played on August 20-22 with a clean sweep to comfortably sit on top of the standings ahead of second-placed Latvia.

Led by deadly duo Eimanatas Zilius and Ernestas Sederevicius, they cruised past host Romania 21-10 in the final of stop 4 before overcoming Latvia 21-17 in the decider of stop 5.

Lithuania's unbeaten run looked in major danger against a pumped-up Ukraine in the final of stop 6 but they hung on in a 21-20 thriller to win their fourth stop overall. Their dominance was highlighted by finishing top two at each of the six stops.

With Martyna Petrenaite and Livija Sakeviciute rampant, Lithuania's women were similarly dominant having won five of the six stops. They beat Latvia 21-14 in stop 4 and then repeated the dose albeit in closer fashion with a scoreline of 18-16 in stop 5.

But their stranglehold of the competition was finally broken by Ukraine, who prevailed 19-15 in the last stop.

Top overall scorers

Eimantas Zilius
 (Lithuania) - 93 pts
Ernestas Sederevicius 
(Lithuania) - 83 pts
Christian Mainea 
(Romania) - 76 pts
Laurynas Danielius (Lithuania) - 71 pts
Christian-Radu Chitu 
(Romania) - 71 pts

Nataliia Tsiubyk (Ukraine) - 107 pts
Martyna Petrenaite
 (Lithuania) - 104 pts
Livija Sakeviciute
 (Lithuania) - 93 pts
Egle Zabotkaite (Lithuania) - 89 pts
Janeta Rozentale (Latvia) - 80 pts

This season, the winners of each conference, the two best teams in the tour standings (not yet qualified and combining all conferences) and the Romanian hosts will participate in the U23 Nations League Final.

The current situation is as follows:

Africa-Asia Conference: not started yet (stops on Aug 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30)
Europe-America: France's men and women qualified
Europe 1: Russia's men and Poland's women qualified
Europe 2: Lithuania's men and women qualified
U21: three stops to go (Aug 24, 25 and 26)
Hosts: Romania's men and women qualified

Current top 2 teams in the standings (not yet qualified):
Men: 1. Poland 490pts 2. Israel 475pts
Women: 1, Netherlands 470pts 2. Ukraine 440pts