The most amazing stats of FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2019

25 Nov 2019

MIES (Switzerland) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2019 was bigger and better than ever. Let's celebrate an incredible season by looking back at some of the most amazing stats of the World Tour.

Leading Scorer: MIhailo Vasic (Liman); 260 points

Mihailo Vasic was a beast all season for Liman who were the only team to make all 11 Masters and, of course, the Utsunomiya Final. It's then no surprise that Liman have four players in the top eight in scoring with Vasic leading the way.

Vasic was unstoppable in the paint (70% inside the arc) and treated defenders like a rag doll with his brute strength. He is 3x3's Incredible Hulk. Every time Liman were in trouble they would throw the ball down low to Vasic who almost always delivered.

Vasic also led all players in scoring on the entire pro circuit (including both World Tour and Challengers) and for this collected a cool $5,000.

He also topped the World Tour in double-fives. Twelves times this year he reached 5 in at least 2 categories (from points, rebounds or highlights) in the same game.

Points per game: Dusan Bulut (Novi Sad); 7.5ppg

Dusan Bulut aka Mr Bullutproof is world famous for his insane dimes. So crazy that social media instantly melts. But Mr Bullutproof is also a bucket getter. His all-round game is unfair. When he is feeling it, there is no stopping Mr Bullutproof.

Not playing in nearly as many games saw him fall short of Vasic's overall mark, but Mr Bullutproof led the World Tour in points per game narrowly ahead of Karlis Lasmanis (7.2) and MVP Dominique Jones (7.0) (considering players who competed in more than 3 games all season).

For the same panel of players, Bulut also was #1 in the player value per game (Points x Points/Field Goals attempted + Blocks + Key Assists + Tissot Buzzer Beaters - Turnovers + Rebounds/2). Lasmanis and Princeton's Robbie Hummel were #2 and #3 respectively.

Most Dunks (15) & Blocks (32): Marcel Esonwune (NY Harlem)

No one dominates the air like Marcel Esonwune. On O and D. This was confirmed when Esonwune came out on top in dunks and blocks. It really isn't surprising. His insane athleticism makes him able to finish off alley-oops and he puts sorry defenders in body bags.

Esonwune seemingly comes out of the sky to block shots from all angles. Driving to the rim is not safe when the big fella is patrolling the paint.

Esonwune was one of the main reasons for NY Harlem's spectacular improvement this season and being a Top 5 highlights regular helps make the New Yorkers arguably 3x3's most entertaining team.

Most Highlights (127) & Key Assists (69): Stefan Kojic (Liman)

The ever reliable Stefan Kojic was Liman's glue guy this season. The Serbs had a bumpy ride in 2019 through injuries and losing their best player Stefan Stojacic.

Despite that, Liman showcased a lot of pride and heart - most notably Kojic who did it all for them.

Kojic, however, was also downright entertaining. He might not be jaw-dropping like Mr Bullutproof or Nauris Miezis but Kojic is a human highlight reel and does everything right.

He was the leader on the entire pro circuit (World Tour AND Challengers) in key assists and as such earned a nice $5,000 cheque.

Kojic also topped the World Tour in triple-fives. Three times this season he got 5 in all 3 categories (from points, rebounds or highlights) in the same game. Simon Finzgar (Piran, SLO) was the only other player to have more than one (2). Nine other players reached that milestone once this year on the World Tour. One of them (Strahinja Stojacic (Vrbas, SRB)) had a record 8 triple-fives on the entire pro season.

Leading Points Per Game (19.5) & Points Allowed (14.5): Novi Sad

Novi Sad were challenged this season but remain the kings of 3x3. You want a simple answer? They still have the most firepower and the best defense. Novi Sad remarkably outscored opponents by a whopping 5 points per game over the course of the season.

Next best was Riga Ghetto who outscored opponents by 3.1 on average.

The gap may have closed slightly but Novi Sad remain the best team in 3x3.

Tissot Fastest Games: NY Harlem

As mentioned above, NY Harlem are nonstop entertainment. They don't mess around. They just want to get on with it and have some fun - and hopefully a W - along the way.

To illustrate that, the New Yorkers featured in five of the eight Tissot fastest games of the World Tour season with the quickest being their beat down of San Juan in Montreal (5'31" playing time). Their only loss of the five was against Novi Sad in the final of the Mexico City Masters (6'16").