Top 5 games to watch on Day 4 at FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2018

10 Jun 2018

PHILIPPINES (FIBA 3x3 World Cup) - Day 4 at FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2018 is sure to be crazy as the teams are raring to grab those Quarter-Finals spots like a starving man on holiday ham.

Here are the Top 5 games to watch on Day 4 at the FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2018.

Pool A: 13:40 local time - Romania (9) v Serbia (1)

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Former 3x3 European champs Romania were on the business end of a giant-sized upset at the hands of Kyrgyzstan on Day 2, and they want nothing more than to spring an upset of their own. The only way to do that is to blindside the top-seeded Serbians like a runaway ten-wheeler truck on a slippery highway, but Dusan Bulut will surely have something to say about that.

Pool C: 16:50 local time - Canada (14) v Philippines (19)

1st time at the #3x3WC? No problem! 🇨🇦 was the team of day 2 #watchusplay

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Canada had a perfect record on Day 2, beating veteran squads Mongolia and Russia, but they'll have the entire 7,107 islands of the Philippines rooting against them in this game. The Filipinos will need to stick like leeches to Canadian marksman Steve Sir, though, if they want to pull out a win.

Pool C: 19:00 local time - Philippines (19) v Russia (3)

In what could potentially be the hosts' final game, expect the hometown crowd to pop like corn in a high-heat oven. The Filipinos will be playing for a place in the next round and, more importantly, for pride, so the Russians better walk it like they talk it.

Pool A: 16:30 local time - Czech Republic (7) v Italy (8)

The Italians were the darlings of Day 2 as Giulia Rulli and Rae Lin D'alie razzled and dazzled with their handles and shooting. Romana Hejdova's Czech Republic is one of the contenders in the Philippines though, so Italy better check them with laser-like focus.

Pool C: 13:20 local time - United States (13) v Russia (5)

​ 42pts scored, 13 conceded: today was a good day for 🇺🇸 #WatchUsPlay

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Both the Americans and Russians recorded wins as easy as first grade homework on Day 2, but this titanic tussle should be nothing short of out of this world. The matchup between Sabrina Ionescu and Anna Leshkovtseva, in particular, is one to watch.