France on top as FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League heads to Prague

19 Jul 2018

PRAGUE (FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League) - France lead the European conference of the FIBA 3x3 U23 Nations League in both men and women ahead of the 3rd and 4th stops, which will take place in Prague on July 20 and July 22.

After the first 2 stops held on their homecourt in Voiron, the French women's U23 team boasts a comfortable 70-point lead. The number 1 player in the world Caroline Hériaud led France to 2 straight titles, against Ukraine and Russia in the final respectively. She also tops all players in scoring (22 in Stop 1 and 15 in Stop 2). The other 5 teams are only separated by 20 points.


1. France 200 pts (1st in Stop 1, 1st in Stop 2)
2. Ukraine 130 pts (2+5)
3. Netherlands 130 pts (4+3)
4. Russia 125 pts (6+2)
5. Hungary 115 pts (3+6)
6. Czech Republic 110 pts (5+4)

Leading Scorers

1. Caroline Hériaud (France) 37 pts
2. Assitan Koné (France) 35 pts
- Marie Mané (France) 35 pts
4. Janis Ndiba Boonstra (Netherlands) 34 pts
5. Kamila Hoskova (Czech Republic) 32 pts

France's lead in the men's category is nowhere close their women's counterparts (10 points). France won Stop 1 in Voiron but lost an absolute thriller in the final of Stop 2 against Russia. Just in case you're wondering the overall level of the U23 Nations League: the joint top scorers have either won a bronze medal at the FIBA 3x3 World Cup last year (Charly Pontens, France) or won a ticket to the FIBA 3x3 World Tour (the most important competition of the professional season) earlier this summer (Alexander Zuev). Ukraine sit just behind, 20 points away from Russia. The other 3 teams are already far behind. None of them have cracked the Top 3 in any of the first 2 stops.


1. France 180 pts (1st in Stop 1, 2nd in Stop 2)
2. Russia 170 pts (3+1)
3. Ukraine 150 pts (2+3)
4. Netherlands 110 pts (5+4)
5. Czech Republic 105 pts (4+6)
6. Hungary 95 pts (6+5)

Leading Scorers

1. Charly Pontens (France) 52 pts
- Alexander Zuev (Russia) 52 pts
3. Serhii Pavlov (Ukraine) 42 pts
4. Jim Seymour (France) 41 pts
5. Daniil Abramovskii (Russia) 37 pts

There will be a total of 6 stops in the European Conference this season (last 2 stops in Debrecen, Hungary). The top 3 teams from each conference qualify for the U23 Nations League Final, which will be played in Hyderabad (India) on September 22-23.

Stops 3 and 4 of the European Conference will be livestreamed on