Top 5 reasons to watch the 3x3 World Tour Debrecen Masters

30 Aug 2017

DEBRECEN  (FIBA 3x3 World Tour) Can Novi Sad Al Wahda win one more? So the number one team in the world won their 3rd Masters in a row in Lausanne and they’re trying to connect 4 in Debrecen this week.

We know Novi Sad Al Wahda is gonna steal all the attention on Thursday-Friday but we'll gonna give you 5 reasons to look elsewhere while you’re watching the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Debrecen Masters for free on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

So you thought I would keep the dunkers for last, huh? Flip the script, this dunk contest is gonna be better than mommy’s brownies.

At number one, we have the most creative dunker in the world Smoove, plus the strongest dunker on the planet Kristaps Dargais aka Thor and now the dunker with maybe the biggest vertical in the business, Gediminas Zitlinskas. This contest’s gonna be more filthy than Action Bronson’s beard.

Coming up at number 2, gotta go with the reigning champs Ljubljana. Now that Tomo Cajic is likely to miss the rest of the season with a back injury, the vets need to step up. And we gotta admit we liked what we saw from Birdman earlier this month, looking like a big bad bearded vulture in Prague.

At 3, we're going with Team Amsterdam PM Inox. The Flying Dutchmen nearly beat Novi Sad Al Wahda at the Bucharest Challenger a few weeks ago and proved at the World Cup this season they could beat just about any team on a good day.

At number 4, Edgars Krumins and Karlis Lasmanis are back meaning the Fantastic Four who helped Riga won 2 Challengers and Latvia take home the Europe Cup trophy this summer are back in action. Believe us, you don’t want to play these dudes in the pool phase.

Last but not least, he nearly beat Novi Sad Al Wahda in the quarter-finals in Lausanne. Shout-out to the versatile Mensud Julevic, one of only 3 players who have played at the World Tour in all 6 editions.

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