Lisowa-Mbaka tops all scorers at FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup 2017 Qualifiers

7 Aug 2017

DEBRECEN (FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup) - Belgium's Maxuella Lisowa-Mbaka was the leading scorer of the entire FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup qualifying phase, including both the Hungary and Latvia Qualifiers on August 5-6.

Latvia's Ligita Golovko proved she had more range than Mariah Carey as she buried 9 shots from behind the arc en route to a qualifiers-best 38 points in 5 games in Riga but it was Belgium's 16-year-old star Lisowa-Mbaka who topped all scorers on average with an impressive 9 points per game (36 in just 4 games) in Szolnok.

Top 5 women's scorers who qualified for the U18 Europe Cup:

1. Maxuella Lisowa-Mbaka (Belgium) 9 ppg
2. Ligita Golovko (Latvia) 7.6 ppg
3. Emma Eichmeyer (Germany) 5.8 ppg
4. Karolina Brzozowska (Poland) 5.7 ppg
5. Wiktoria Keller (Poland) 5.3 ppg

In the men's category, Israeli sharpshooter Tamir Schiller lit up the Hungary Qualifier with 42 points in 5 games, including 13 shots from behind the arc.

Top 5 men's scorers who qualified for the U18 Europe Cup:

1. Tamir Schiller (Israel) 8.4 ppg
2. Unai Mendikote (Spain) 8 ppg
3. Aron Frank (Hungary) 6.8 ppg
-  Yoeri Hoexum (Netherlands) 6.8 ppg
5. Adria Amabilino (Great Britain) 6.5 ppg