Latvia and Hungary to host FIBA 3x3 U18 European Cup Qualifiers 2017

13 Mar 2017

MUNICH (3x3 U18 Europe Cup) - Fifty-two teams (men and women combined) from 28 countries will compete in two qualifiers staged for the second consecutive year in Szolnok (Hungary) and Riga (Latvia) on 5-6 August 2017.

The best teams will earn their ticket to the third edition of the FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup, which will be held in Debrecen, Hungary on 1-3 September.

The squads were allocated to the various qualifiers based on the world’s FIBA 3x3 Federation Ranking as follows:

Riga (Latvia) Qualifier (5-6 August)
Men: Romania (4), Ukraine (5), Poland (9), Italy (10), Belgium (15), Germany (16), Russia (25), Spain (26), Andorra (30), Latvia (37-host), Belarus (41), Serbia (44), Greece (49), Ireland (59) and Wales (not ranked).
Women: Netherlands (2), Spain (3), Switzerland (6), Russia (8), Ukraine (12), Germany (14), Belarus (24), Turkey (25), Great Britain (30), Romania (31), Latvia (34-host) and Ireland (43).

Szolnok (Hungary) Qualifier (5-6 August)
Men: Netherlands (1), Hungary (6-host), Slovenia (7), Switzerland (11), Czech Republic (14), Turkey (17), France (22), Georgia (27), Israel (29), Estonia (33), Great Britain (39) and Bulgaria (45).
Women: Hungary (1-host), France (4), Czech Republic (5), Italy (10), Andorra (11), Estonia (21), Slovak Republic (23), Poland (26), Belgium (29), Israel (34), Slovenia (38), Greece (65) and Wales (not ranked).

Twelve men's teams and 12 women's teams will play in Debrecen.

The top 6 teams from the Riga Qualifier and the top 5 from Szolnok,will join the Hungarian hosts in the men's category.

In the women's category, the Hungarian hosts will be followed by the top 6 teams in Szolnok and the top 5 teams in Riga.

Hungary (women) and Turkey (men) won the first edition of the FIBA 3x3 U18 Europe Cup (previously known as the FIBA 3x3 U18 European Championships) in Minsk, Belarus, on 21-23 August 2015.

Debrecen already played host to the competition last year, when France won a historic double in men and women's categories.