Top 10 men to watch at 3x3 European Championships

31 Aug 2016

BUCHAREST (FIBA 3x3 European Championships) - With the second edition of the FIBA 3x3 European Championships approaching on 2-4 September, we look at the 10 men to watch in Romania.

Ilya Alexandrov (Russia)

The experienced Alexandrov is the main reason Russia made it through the Netherlands Qualifier (he finished 3rd in scoring in Amsterdam). He is strong in the post and has a lethal spin move but he makes most of his damage from behind the arc.

Charles-Henri Bronchard (France)

The man also known as 'The Undertaker' likes to wrestle it down low. He and his signature beard only made their first appearance on the 3x3 scene last year. He was 3rd in scoring in the France Qualifier.

Dusan Domovic Bulut (Serbia)


The number one 3x3 player in the world can do it all and has won it all. Except a European title. 

Dominique Gentil (France)

The athletic Gentil finished second in scoring at the Lausanne Masters last weekend, thanks to his ability to go to the rack. The brother of a two-time taekwondo Olympic medallist also showed he had an appetite for defense, with some of the most spectacular blocks ever seen at the World Tour.

Jesper Jobse (Netherlands)

The number one player in Netherlands has millions of one-on-ones moves up his sleeve. Also don't let the lefty get comfortable behind the arc or the game will quickly get to 21.

Dejan Majstorovic (Serbia)

Speaking of shooters, the number two 3x3 player in the world may be the very best on the 3x3 circuit. The 'Maestro' was the top scorer last year at the European Games and has a history of knocking down important shots. Just don't leave him open.

Alexandr Pavlov (Russia)

The versatile Russian was the top scorer for the winning team at the European Games last year. Finally back from a knee injury he contracted earlier this year, he should be able to dunk on people like he did in the last several seasons.

Anze Srebovt (Slovenia)

The Slovenian took a brand new dimension this season for Team Piran and Slovenia. From playing defense and setting big screens, he is now the offensive leader of the team and has great touch from behind the arc.

Catalin Vlaicu (Romania)

The Romanian big man may not be the flashiest player on the 3x3 scene but his wide collection of post moves helped him lead Romania to the European title back in 2014. He was also the top scorer of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour the same year.

Gionata Zampolli (Italy)

The Italian playmaker finished second in scoring at the France Qualifier. While he can let it fly from behind the arc, he will bring you to your feet with his mean ankle-breakers.