24 teams from 16 countries to participate in 2016 FIBA 3x3 European Championships

3 Jul 2016

BUCHAREST (2016 FIBA 3x3 European Championships) - Following the three qualifiers staged in Andorra, Netherlands and France, 24 teams from 16 countries have qualified for the second edition of the FIBA 3x3 European Championships, which will be staged in Bucharest, Romania on 2-4 September.

The Romanian hosts were automatically qualified but still shined in the qualifiers as the women's team finished 2nd in Andorra and the men were 3rd in France.

Since Russia's women also won their ticket to Bucharest after winning the France Qualifier, it means both reigning champs (including Romania's men) will have a chance to defend their title.

In fact, every team that won a medal at the 3x3 event of the European Games last year have qualified, meaning all the main favourites will attend the party.

There will however be room for new faces as the Slovak Republic (men), Austria and Serbia (women) will make their first-ever appearance (in this category) at a main FIBA 3x3 international competition.

All participating teams:

Women: Hungary (1st in Andorra), Romania (2nd in Andorra and hosts), Switzerland (3rd in Andorra), Slovenia (4th in Andorra), Austria (5th in Andorra), Czech Republic (1st in Netherlands), Ukraine (2nd in Netherlands), Serbia (3rd in Netherlands), Belgium (4th in Netherlands), Russia (1st in France), Italy (2nd in France), Spain (3rd in France)

Men: Slovenia (1st in Andorra), Spain (2nd in Andorra), Ukraine (3rd in Andorra), Czech Republic (4th in Andorra), Serbia (1st in Netherlands), Netherlands (2nd in Netherlands), Russia (3rd in Netherlands), Slovak Republic (4th in Netherlands), France (1st in France), Italy (2nd in France), Romania (3rd in France and hosts), Poland (4th in France)

Qualifiers Top 5 Scorers (per game, from teams which qualified):


1. Olga Maznichenko (Ukraine, 8.8pts)

2. Tatiana Vidmer (Russia, 7.2pts)

3. Marielle Giroud (Switzerland, 6.8pts)

4. Gabriela Marginean (Romania, 6.6pts)

5. Dora Medgyessy (Hungary, 5.7pts)


1. Angelo Tsagarakis (France, 8.6pts)

2. Alex Llorca (Spain, 7.9pts)

3. Ilya Alexandrov (Russia, 7.4pts)

4. Gasper Ovnik (Slovenia, 7.3pts)

5. Gionata Zampolli (Italy, 7.2pts)