10 Men who ruled 3x3 in 2016

29 Dec 2016

MIES (3x3) - 2016 was an eventful year for 3x3 and we look at the 10 men who made the biggest impact this season. Check back our Top 10 Women list. We’ll finish our trilogy tomorrow with the 10 teams of the year.

Paul Djoko (France U18)
World Rank: 1,098

The 18-year-old Frenchman only competed in one major 3x3 tournament this year (U18 European Championships) and he wasn’t even named MVP (his team-mate Clément Desmont was). This said, he produced enough highlights for a full-length movie. His poster dunk at the U18 European Championships was so violent, it’s a relief it didn’t create a diplomatic incident between France and Romania.

Dusan Domovic Bulut (Novi Sad Al Wahda (UAE) & Serbia)
World Rank: 1

Bulut spent the entire year at number one in the rankings and added 3 World Tour Masters, 1 All-Stars and 1 World Championships titles to his long resume. The Serb combined substance with style, showcasing some filthy playground moves. Mr Bullutproof was named the most spectacular player of the season by the fans on social media.

Alen Hadzibegovic (Qatar U18 and Qatar)
World Rank: 227

At just 17, Alen had an absolutely stunning year. He led the U18 Qatari national team to gold at both the U18 Asian and the U18 World Championships. Oh yeah and he also made it to the senior national team, that made it to the quarter-finals of the World Championships. Like Non Phixion said back in 2002, "There ain’t no future. The future is now."

Myke Henry (Chicago (USA) and USA)
World Rank: 57

Henry is the 3x3 version of Chance The Rapper: he can do it all. But what he does best is getting buckets. Those who witnessed his MVP performance at the Americas Masters can confirm.

Jasmin Hercegovac (Ljubljana (SLO))
World Rank: 4

The Iceman came back to the World Tour in 2016, all rejuvenated like Benjamin Button. He had the third best offensive performance in the history of the World Tour with a 50 burger at the World Tour and took home the MVP trophy and the title.

Alfonzo McKinnie (Chicago (USA) and USA)
World Rank: 66

While his team-mate Myke Henry was a force for Team USA this season, Mount McKinnie simply flew higher than the Millennium Falcon. The 24-year-old caught more alley-oops than a young Shawn Kemp and his dunk against Japan at the World Championships was one of the highlights of the season.

Zaccharie Mortant (Belgium U18)
World Rank: 1,203

He doesn’t fly like Zach LaVine but Zach Mortant showed enough bounce to win the dunk contest of the U18 World Championships. Three months later, Mortant led a Zack Attack at the U18 European Championships and teamed up with partner in crime Charles Perrier to bring Belgium an unexpected silver medal.

Gasper Ovnik (Piran (SLO) & Slovenia)
World Rank: 10

Gasper hit the gas this year and won his first-ever major title at the European Championships. The 34-year-old continues to be one of the most exciting 3x3 players to watch. He had the pass of the season in Bucharest in September.

Amjyot Singh (Hamamatsu (JPN))
World Rank: 36

The Sultan of Swat was the rookie of the year this season. After winning the Japanese 3x3 pro league, he led his team all the way to the title game of the World Tour and showed Indians could also shine without a cricket bat.

Tai Wynyard (New Zealand U18)
World Rank: 3,223

The dunking Kiwi didn’t make the double at the U18 World Championships but all will remember the Kentucky rising star's spooky Haka and his spookier rim-wrecking jams.