No stopping Serbia's men and Switzerland's women on Day 2 at the European Games

24 Jun 2015

BAKU (2015 European Games) - The 3x3 Basketball Tournament will be one of the highlights of the European Games in Baku from 23 to 26 June. Serbia's men and Switzerland's women finished the pool phase with a clean 3-0 sweep and will count among the favourites with the knock-out games starting on Day 3.

Serbia's men were once again dominant on Wednesday, defeating Estonia (18-17) and Greece (22-17) to finish first in Pool C. Dusan Domovic Bulut was sensational, scoring 18 points and the game-winner in a fantastic game against Greece. He got a little help from Dejan 'Maestro' Majstorovic who netted 12 points in the same game, with 5 shots from behind the arc including an amazing shot you are likely to see trending on the social media for the next days.

Pool C (Men) Standings:

1. Serbia 3-0
2. Greece 2-1
3. Italy 1-2
4. Estonia 0-3

A timid start does not mean it's game-over for anyone (men or women) since every single team makes it to the Last 16, though those who excelled in the pool stage are likely to have a more favourable match-up in the knock-out round.

Slovenia's won Pool A after defeating Lithuania (20-18) and Romania (15-10) on Wednesday. Jure Erzen was a force in the paint, scoring 26 points in three games.

Pool A (Men) Standings:

1. Slovenia 3-0
2. Lithuania 2-1
3. Romania 1-2
4. Israel 0-3

In Pool B, Alexandr Pavlov led Russia to first place with one of the most brutal blocks of the tournament and a total of 17 points on day two.

Pool B (Men) Standings:

1. Russia 3-0
2. Spain 2-1
3. Belgium 1-2
4. Turkey 0-3

Pool D belonged to Azerbaijan, with the gritty Orhan Haciyeva silently getting the job done (7 points) while team-mate Marshall Obrian Moses was spinning and wheeling and throwing no-look passes.

Pool D (Men) Standings:

1. Azerbaijan 3-0
2. Czech Republic 2-1
3. Andorra 1-2
4. Switzerland 0-3

Domien Lobry of Belgium remains the men's top scorer after two days with 28 points. Nacho Martin of Spain is second with 27 and Slovenia's Jure Erzen third with 26.

In the women's event, Switzerland continued its their surprise run as no team could find an answer for Alexia Rol who had 10 points today against Netherlands, sinking the two game-winning free throws with 0.6 seconds left in the game.

Pool A Standings:

1. Switzerland 3-0
2. Azerbaijan 2-1
3. Greece 1-2
4. Netherlands 0-3

In Pool B, Ganna Zarytska impressed once more, helping Ukraine secure first place with 7 points today and 23 in total against the Ann Wauters-led Belgium.

Pool B Standings:

1. Ukraine 3-0
2. Czech Republic 2-1
3. Belgium 1-2
4. Turkey 0-3

Spain triumphed in Pool C courtesy of the talented Inmaculada Zanoguera who netted 11 points but it was really more of a team effort with all 4 players scoring at least 8 points on Day 2.

Pool C Standings:

1. Spain 3-0
2. Slovenia 2-1
3. Ireland 1-2
4. Slovakia 0-3

Maria Cherepanova was the difference for Russia, who led all teams in Pool D. The number nine 3x3 woman in the world made damage inside and out and scored 12 points on Day 2.

Pool D Standings:

1. Russia 2-1
2. Romania 2-1
3. Lithuania 2-1
4. Israel 0-3

Gabriela Marginean (Romania) is the women's top scorer with 28 points. Ganna Zarytska of Ukraine trails with 23, Azerbaijan's Aneika Henry is third with 22.

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Last 16 Bracket:


Slovenia vs. Switzerland
Greece vs. Belgium

Russia vs. Estonia
Czech Republic vs. Romania

Serbia vs. Turkey
Lithuania vs. Andorra

Azerbaijan vs. Israel
Spain vs. Italy


Switzerland vs. Israel
Slovenia vs. Belgium

Ukraine vs. Slovakia
Romania vs. Greece

Spain vs. Turkey
Azerbaijan vs. Lithuania

Russia vs. Netherlands
Czech Republic vs. Italy