FIBA 3x3 All Stars - Team Preview: Montreal UQAM (CAN)

8 Dec 2015

DOHA (2015 FIBA 3x3 All Stars) - The 2015 FIBA 3x3 All Stars will be staged in Doha on Friday 11 December 2015. In the lead-up to the event, we break down the six participating teams. Here's a closer look at Montreal UQAM (CAN).


Seed: #6
Qualified: Thanks to win the FISU 3x3 World University League
Previous All Stars appearances: -

- Rudolphe Joly (CAN): 23 years old; 2.08m; World Rank: 2713
- Kewyn Blain (CAN): 23 years old; 1.82m; World Rank: 2736
- Davidson Joseph (CAN): 25 years old; 1.94m; World Rank: 2744
- Greishe Clerjuste (CAN): 22 years old; 1.83m; World Rank: 2741


- Rudolphe Joly was named MVP of the FISU 3x3 World University League Final.
- The 1.82m Kewyn Blain won the FISU 3x3 World University League Dunk Contest.
- It is the first time 2 teams from the same country participate in the same edition of the FIBA 3x3 All Stars (both Saskaton and Montreal UQAM come form Canada).
- Montreal UQAM is the youngest (23 years-old on average), shortest (1.91m) and lightest (90kg, tied with Doha) of the tournament.
- Joly is the biggest player at the event (128kg).
- Clerjuste is the youngest of all players (22 years-old).