3x3planet gets fresh new look

22 Jul 2015

MIES (3x3) – FIBA announced today that a new version of 3x3planet.com and the free 3x3planet app were released for all 3x3 basketball enthusiasts.

The new app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play at the following link: www.3x3planet.com/apps

3x3planet.com and the 3x3planet app are the community platforms for all 3x3 basketball players that lie at the heart of the 3x3 project.

Not only do the platforms undertake a change in design, new features are introduced. Users have more profile personalisation options such as uploading your own cover photo and adding links to social media profiles. The viewing of player profiles doesn’t require any more log-in but is by default public to all user of the site.

3x3planet users can now be followed by everyone. The concept of friends has been removed and changed all such relationships automatically to two-way follow relationships. As customary, unfollowing anybody is easy with just one click.

Event registration is simplified to take advantage of the functionalities of invitation codes and mobile apps to register to 3x3 events.

Users are invited to follow FIBA 3x3’s social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to know about the additional features which will be implemented all season long.