Majstorovic leads all scorers in Sendai

12 Oct 2014

TOKYO/SENDAI (3x3) - The 26 year-old Dejan Majstorovic (Novi Sad) was the top scorer of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final in Sendai, Japan on 11-12 October 2014. The number 8 3x3 player in the world was unstoppable from behind the arc, nailing at least one two-pointer in each one of his games. He had a total of 11 long balls and 39 points.

'The Maestro' was especially lethal in clutch moments, scoring a personal tournament-high in the final against Saskatoon (CAN) with ten points, including a couple of two-pointers with a hand in his face.

The Serb was in good form in Sendai, winning the event, top scoring accolades and the Samsung Shoot-out Contest.

He edged out team-mate Dusan Domovic Bulut and the muscular Willie Murdaugh (Saskatoon) in the scoring charts.

Top 10 Scorers at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final:

1. Dejan Majstorovic (Novi Sad)39
2. Dusan Domovic Bulut (Novi Sad)34
3. Willie Murdaugh (Saskatoon)31
4. Michael Linklater (Saskatoon)30
5. Mensud Julevic (Kranj)27
6. Angel Santana (Bucharest)26
7. Catalin Vlaicu (Bucharest)24
8. Terrence Romeo (Manila West)22
9. Jure Erzen (Kranj)21
10. Bogdan Popescu (Bucharest)20

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