3x3 - Del'Arco leads all scorers at World Tour Rio de Janeiro Masters

29 Sep 2014

RIO DE JANEIRO (3x3) –The pin-sized (1,74m) Rodrigo Del'Arco (Sao Paulo) was the top scorer of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Rio de Janeiro Masters on 27-28 September 2014, making a lot of damage from behind the arc burying 17 two-pointers en route to 50 total points in five games.

The man also known as 'Diguinho' was on fire on Sunday, scoring 12 points including a game-winning two-pointer in overtime in the semi-finals against Sao Paulo DC before netting six two-pointers in the final against Santos for a total of 14 points.

Only Team Wukesong's Chris Reaves scored more at the World Tour this season when he had 51 points at the Beijing Masters on 2-3 August.

The sharp-shooting Del'Arco edged out Team Santos' star Marcellus Sarmento and the speedy Davi Rossetto (Fortaleza) in the scoring charts.

Top 10 Scorers of the Event:

1. Rodrigo Del'Arco (Sao Paulo)50
2. Marcellus Sarmento (Santos)47
3. Davi Rossetto (Fortaleza)40
4. Guilherme Rojas (Santos)29
5. Fernando Gutierrez (Montevideo)26
6. Guilherme Afonso (Sao Paulo DC)25
7. Joao Luciano (Sao Paulo)23
8. Fabio Santos (Sao Paulo)21
9. Yannick Soares (Pelotas)19
10. Fejao Pereira (Sao Paulo DC)18
10. Felipe Ventura (Pelotas)18

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