3x3 - Honduras holds first-ever 3x3 tournament

20 Sep 2013

TEGUCIGALPA (3x3) - On 14 September took place the first Official Tournament of 3x3 in Honduras, in the country's capital Tegucigalpa.

The event was organised by the 3x3 Coordination Officer of the National Basketball Federation of Honduras.

The 10-team tournament was held at the Coliseo Nacional de Ingenieros (official Installation of the Events of 3X3).

The arbitration of the event was coordinated by Mr. Raul Wings (FIBA Commissioner), Orlando Varela (FIBA International Referee) and ABAH (Basketball Referees Associates).

The tournament champion was 'Vengadores' with the team starring Gerardo Alvarez, Miguel Adolfo Diaz, Carlos Palomares and Joe Levy.

Team 'Ingenium' featuring Adrian Abel Bejarano, Mario Miguel Ordoñez, Elmer Alvarez and Pinoth Selma took second place.