3x3 - Singapore organiser says: "3x3 is a great opportunity"

24 Feb 2012

SINGAPORE (3x3) - Esther Quek, Managing Director of Ash Media Asia has organised over 50 3x3 events in Singapore over the past six years.

"3x3 is a great equaliser for the game today, putting everyone on the same platform with equivalent opportunities to perform and excel," she told fiba.com.

Next month on Saturday 10 March, a tournament named Street Gala will take place at the Big Splash Playground in the East Coast Park region.

"Singapore is working towards building 3x3 basketball and this is a great opportunity to move onward" added Quek.

"By excluding the complexities of the usual full-court play and at the same time including more space for the individual skills to be put on display, it allows basketball enthusiasts of all ages, skills levels and motivations to come together and enjoy the game."

Ash Media Asia is using this event as a test phase, applying the official FIBA rules for 2012. Via this tournament the Singapore Basketball Federation will take a closer look at officially endorsing similar events in the future.

The event is expected to have 100 teams comprised of five age categories for both boys and girls.

Street Gala participants are looking forward to showcasing their talent and with more of such events planned for 2012, no doubt 3x3 will continue to soar in the Lion City.