Fast Track

Ales Kunc coaching in the Szolonk Fast Track camp

FIBA has made an official bid for 3x3 to be added to the Olympics.

A recipe for success is player specialisation in 3x3. In order to help national federations prepare a competitive team to qualify and successfully participate in future Olympics Games, FIBA has launched the FIBA 3x3 Fast Track, a long-term programme dedicated to identify, coach and develop the future 3x3 Olympians.

It is based on two pillars:

The FIBA 3x3 Fast Track Programme is open to all national federations. For more info, check out the documents below.

Fast Track Documents

TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Fast Track - Short01/11/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Fast Track Overview01/11/2016
pdfFIBA 3x3 Fast Track - Full31/10/2016
TypeDocument nameUpdated
pdfFIBA 3x3 Fast Track Camp Szolnok Post-Event Report - Jan 201725/01/2017